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The millennium is the century of collaboration. None of the institutions move alone in completing their tasks, but all of them move in synergy and go hand in hand with one another. In traditional Indonesian society, the culture of collaboration thrives. One form of synergy in traditional societies is called “Gotong Royong”, namely mutual solidarity working together in a community. Starting from the completion of the construction of houses, village roads, public facilities, the work is done in collaboration with each other.

In modern society, the findings of satellite and internet technology unite individuals and institutions to consolidate their work with mutual synergy. The fact is the most obvious form of synergy in business institutions, especially the supply change sector. There are people who produce email, there are those who have application tools, there are logistics, there are markets. With internet and satellite technology through applications in the palm of the hand, there is a natural synergy between suppliers, logistics and markets. So in this millennium century the philosophy of collaboration to share roles is important in partnership synergies to strengthen each other.

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Reflecting on Experience

The dynamics of a nation growing produces opportunities and challenges but with synergy and collaboration will overcome these challenges. Solutions ranging from pandemic, economic, social to political problems. Indonesia is one step away from the pandemic is the result of the synergy of government policies, community responses and company support in setting personnel policies in each sector. The synergy between the Government, civil society and media institutions as well as private institutions is a collaborative synergy and is the key to the success of a national and international program target.

The Indonesian people have experience in the last five years in practicing collaboration in an Expo event at both national and international levels. Expos that are national in nature starting from the anniversary of the Alliance of Indonesian Independent Journalists to the celebration of the National Sports Week. Then proceed to international level Expos such as the Asian Games, the Mandalika GP Motor Show and the upcoming G-20.

The World EXPO 2030 Busan Forum in Busan November 8, 2022 with the theme “Asian Great Transformation.”

As the former Chairman of the Alliance of Indonesian Independent Journalists, every year he conducts a Media Expo in collaboration with the Indonesian government, especially the highest decision maker, namely the President. Cooperation between the media and the government, especially the President, is very closely woven to strengthen the synergy in maintaining the continuity of press freedom in Indonesia. Meanwhile, it is in the interest of the government to collaborate with media institutions and journalist organizations to support and socialize government programs in the field of communication strategies in the economic, social and political development sectors. Meanwhile, cooperation with corporate sponsors in Indonesia, both private and government, is needed to support the implementation of the media Expo. Meanwhile, for companies to synergize with journalist organizations is a strategic step for product socialization, supply change and policy changes within the company.

The synergy of cooperation between the government, media institutions and private companies is the foundation of the realization of the implementation of national and international programs. The success of implementing a small Expo becomes a pattern or form of synergy for the implementation of a larger Expo that has a national and international scale.

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The experience of implementing Asian sports parties in Indonesia is a form of synergy between the government, media, private and government sponsors as well as community participation. The government has programs and implementation policies that can run supported by sponsors from private companies and government companies to make the implementation of the Asian nation’s sporting event successful. Meanwhile, the role of the media is to provide positive information to athletes who compete and to provide information so that the community is involved and makes the implementation of the Asian Games to be successful. The result is that public participation and support is abundant because they get information from comprehensive media. So that the implementation of the Asian Games is a success in Indonesia. The government received appreciation from Asian nations. The main sponsor is satisfied because the form of collaboration on a large international program is well socialized. The media has a socialization function and also gets optimal results from the form of community participation. The community also feels proud to enjoy every moment of togetherness with Asian athletes. The spirit of Asia is a form of brotherhood that is increasingly embedded in Indonesian society.

New Challenges

Synergy and collaboration in the implementation of the G-20 Expo on 15-16 November in Bali Indonesia will be attended by all G-20 leaders. Indonesia is appointed by the G20 Presidency to be responsible for hosting the G-20 High Level Conference. Indonesia chose the theme “Recouver together Recouver stronger”. Implementation of this conference is not easy. Although preparations were made five years ago, in the midst of the implementation, the Russo-Ukrainian war broke out. This war became a polarization of the success and failure of the G-20 high-level conference. Hand in hand collaboration between the government, private institutions and the media work together to make the G-20 High Level Conference a success. The media is the main pillar of socialization to the national and international community of the importance of togetherness in overcoming problems in order to grow and rise together through the G-20 High Level Conference.

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The role of private sponsors and government company sponsors in the implementation of the G-20 High-Level Conference is very significant because this international event is attended by leaders of nations from Europe, America, Asia who are members of the G-20 countries. Although there are many challenges in the implementation of the G-20 High Level Conference, it is a form of collaborative synergy between the Government, Private Sponsors, the Media and the community in general. The international community is sick but with synergy and collaboration we will be able to rise together. Recover together, Recover stronger.


Eddy Suprapto

Presented at The World EXPO 2030 Busan Forum in Busan November 8, 2022 with the theme “Asian Great Transformation.”

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